• Export power to the grid and solar charge your batteries
  • Use stored solar energy during power outages
  • Avoid peak charges and run off batteries at set times every day
  • Super safe Lithium Titanium Oxide Battery Chemistry
  • All systems below have app monitoring capability
  • 5kW Hybrid Grid Inverter
  • 3kW Off Grid Inverter and Solar Charger
  • 10 Year Inverter Warranty
  • 12 Year Solar Panel Warranty
  • 20 Year Battery Warranty
  • Upgrade your existing grid solar system and enjoy battery backup power
  • Talk to us about your specific system needs. 

Clean solar power independence has arrived with our feature packed hybrid solar battery system. 


Energy retailers only pay you around 8c/kWh exported, while they charge you >25c/kWh to use their coal fired grid power; if dirty electricity is valued at 25c/kWh why aren't they paying you the same amount for your cleaner solar energy? Your own solar power is worth 3 times its grid export value.


If you already have a standard solar inverter system on your residence we can help transition you over to charging and living off of batteries so that you can actually make direct use of that clean green power; if you don't have an existing solar system we can install a whole new system.

Every system needs to be customised so please get in touch with us to work out your needs.