• Complete Solar DC Switchboard Pre-Built and Pre-Configured
  • Victron 3000W 48V Inverter (5500W Surge)
  • Built in 35A Battery Charger
  • 20 Year Battery Warranty (or 22,000 Cycles)
  • World Leading Victron Components and Features
  • 18 x Solar Panels and Anodized Racking (~20kWh/day)
  • 6 x 40Ah Aeon LTO Batteries 48V Bank (11.5kWh @ 100% DOD)
  • Smart Bluetooth Charge Controller, Temp Sensor & Shunt
  • Remote Web Based Monitoring, Reconfiguration and Support
  • Built in 32A Automatic AC Transfer Switch
  • 13A Auxilary Output for Boosting Hot Water, Aircon or EVs
  • Correctly Rated Industrial Isolators, Fuses and Breakers
  • Double Insulated Heavy Duty DC Cabling throughout
  • 800 x 800 x 250 DC Switchboard & IP65 Metal Enclosure Box
  • Designed to Comply with AS4509, AS5139, AS5033


Price does not include installation, please call or email us for options.


  • Extra details:

    • Includes Low Voltage Relay for Auto Electric Start Generators
    • 3000rpm type Generator only