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3kW PV + 5kW Hybrid Grid Inverter

This entry level system can export a yearly average of 12kWh/day to the grid to turn your meter backwards and it's also ready to add batteries when you're ready.


  • 5kW Grid Export Inverter
  • 3kW Solar Array
  • 3kW Off Grid Capability (when batteries are installed)
  • 3kW 48V 65A Solar Battery Charger
  • Web Browser Monitoring

3kW PV + 5kW Hybrid Grid Inverter

  • Further Details:

    • 10 Year Inverter Warranty
    • 15 Year Solar Panel Warranty
    • Price is after subtracting STC "solar rebates"
    • Price includes installation costs
    • Price does not include trenching or extra works
    • ~40 Small Technology Certificates (STC's) available
    • Included 2021 PV Rebate Estimated at ~$1200
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