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LS-2012 12V 2000W Latronics Stand Alone Inverter 240V @ 50Hz
  • Pure Sine Wave Signal (using copper toroidal transformer - more robust and reliable)
  • Warranty period ends June 2025 (parts & labour, back to factory)
  • Australian Made and Supported (If you ever need it serviced it's much cheaper than constantly buying a new inverter every time).
  • Includes Auto Start Adjustment or ON with no load settings
  • Main board is covered in Conformal Coating to guard against corrosion and extend longevity
  • 6000W 5 second surge capability ( + 2200W 30 minute rating)
  • Over Temp and Over Load LED
  • Under Volts and Over Volts LED
  • On/Standby LED
  • Built in circuit breakers to protect the inverter. (180A Battery Fuse should be installed at battery bank).
  • Uses only 1.1A when set to ON with no load running
  • Uses only 75mA when set to Standby Mode
  • 10.5 - 17 VDC input range (cut in and cut out voltages are user definable - DIP Switches)
  • 1.5m battery leads

LS-2012 12V 2000W Latronics Stand Alone Inverter 240V @ 50Hz

  • Lead Times

    During late December until mid Janurary there can be extended delays as manufacturing halts over the holiday season. It is recommended that you order your inverter a few weeks before the holidays begin. 


    Some inverter models are made and bench tested once ordered, this can result in a few weeks delay, especially during busy periods. If timing is critical to your project please contact us before ordering to get an estimated lead time.


    Product Brochure & Manual

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