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Hybrid Upgrade 11.5kWh LTO

This system can be connected to your existing array and it provides an off grid power supply during power outages or at any daily specified time period. You can also export to the mains grid and turn back your energy meter. (If desired, this Hybrid Inverter can be configured into Zero Export mode).


  • Most standard solar grid arrays can charge this system
  • 11.5kWh 48V Lithium Titanium Oxide Battery Bank
  • 5kW Grid Export Inverter
  • 3kW Off Grid Inverter
  • 3kW 48V 65A Solar Battery Charger
  • Web Browser Monitoring

Hybrid Upgrade 11.5kWh LTO

  • Further Details:

    • 10 Year Inverter Warranty
    • 20 Year (or 22k Cycles) Aust. Made Battery Warranty
    • Price includes installation costs
    • Price does not include trenching or extra works
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