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24v Off Grid Solar Designs
  • Super Safe, Interconnected Smart Solar System Components
  • 10 Year Australian Lithium Battery and 10 Year Solar Panel Warranty
  • All have Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet with App Monitoring and Remote Support
  • A 24v-to-12v DC Converter Kit is an optional extra to run 12v loads.
  • Talk to us about your specific Off Grid System needs. 

How to roughly select the correct sized system

First off, how much energy do you need to live each day? You can calculate the daily kilowatt-hours of household load you require by using this Daily Load Calculator. Take your daily kilowatt hours figure and divide it by 3, that will help determine the minimum sized solar panel array that you'll need. If you prefer greater solar battery charging capacity for extended periods of wet or overcast weather then look for the next size up solar array option. These are very general guidelines and every system needs to be customised so please get in touch with us to work out your needs.


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