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Aeon 48V 1.93kWh LTO Battery

These nano-tech batteries satisfy every off grid energy storage requirement imaginable. What the "LED Revolution" was in relation to compact fluorescent bulbs, these Titanium Oxide batteries are to standard Lithium-ion batteries.


Like something straight out of science fiction they tick ALL the important check boxes:


  • >22,000 cycles! (compared to ~5,000 for standard Lithium)
  • Super Safe, Thermal Run-Away is not possible
  • Australian Product with Australian Support
  • 20 Year Warranty (with far longer actual lifespan)
  • Full Clean Energy Council Certification & Approval
  • Inert, non-flammable, natural nanomaterial, Titanium Oxide anode
  • 100% Depth of Discharge & 96% efficient
  • High powered rapid charge and discharge capability
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Estimated 20 to >40+ year lifespan (22k ÷ 365 = 60 yrs.)
  • 3-5 times cheaper/watt hour over lifespan than standard Lithium
  • Built-in solid state automatic BMS and Isolator Switch
  • Robust construction for harsh Australian conditions
  • Add as many batteries as needed, in parallel.
  • Easy installation


"Ever since it was a breakthrough in 2004, we've been sitting back patiently waiting for this specific battery chemistry to mature and become available. We are satisfied that it is the perfect chemistry for residential power use because of its impressive safety, performance and longevity. We are proud to finally be able to offer our customers an Australian based lithium battery product that provides peace of mind and is perfectly suited to domestic and business dwellings."


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Aeon 48V 1.93kWh LTO Battery

Colour: Black
  • Product Details

    Nominal Capacity (20º-30º C):  1.93kWh (40Ah)

    Voltage: 48.3V

    Max. Charge/Discharge Current: 50A

    Dimensions: 1600 x 155 x 145mm

    Weight: 36kg

    Chemistry: Lithium Titanium Oxide (LTO)

    Operating Temperature: -40ºC to 65ºC

    Ingress Protection Rating: IP65 Certified

    BMS: Internal

    Warranty: 20 years or 22,000 cycles*

    CEC Approved: 62619:2017, 62040-1-2017

    Electro Magnetic Compatibility: EMC Certified

    Note: Never in series, only in parallel.

    *Our system design logs all battery cycles

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