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Tank Vac DIY Kit

What is Tank Vac ® ?


It's the ultimate self-cleaning vacuum system for your water tank, with no moving parts. Whenever your rainwater tank overflows, the bottom of the tank is vacuumed clean of sludge. 

When a standard water tank overflows, the excess water usually drains from the top of the tank. Unfortunately this means it's the fresh, richly oxygenated water which is removed first. 

TankVac changes the flow of water and creates an automatic vacuum whenever your tank overflows. This vacuum siphons the waste water from the bottom of the water tank, discharging it in such a powerful flow that the harmful sediment and bacterial colonies are extracted. 

As the wastewater is purged from the water tank, it takes with it the organic materials that settle and grow on the bottom of your tank.


Is TankVac cost-effective? 


By replacing the need for frequent, costly professional tank cleaning. TankVac will virtually pay for itself as soon as it is installed! 

TankVac can potentially extend the lifespan of your filtration system which will no longer be subjected to a constant stream of finely-ground waste materials. 


Is TankVac easy to install? 


TankVac can be easily fitted by any DIY handyman. It can be retro-fitted to your full or empty existing water tank or installed with your new tank. This unique system has NO moving parts and operates automatically WITHOUT the need for power. 

Why do you need TankVac? 

Maintaining the quality of your stored rainwater is a never-ending challenge. 

Even with a leaf gutter catcher, plant material, waste and sediment will accumulate at the bottom of your tank, creating a layer of sludge - a breeding ground for harmful bacteria including Ecoli, Giardia and Salmonella! 


The TankVac sucks waste from the base of the tank. 

By automatically creating a vacuum, the siphon-effect begins. 

This powerful vacuum increases water flow three-fold, drawing out sludge at a firehose-like rate of up to 9 litres per second.  The base pipe drawing out the wastewater has been designed to create an even vacuum action across the entire base of the tank. The expelled wastewater carries with it the poorest quality water along with the harmful sludge which stagnates on the tank floor. 



The TankVac Kit comes with installation instructions and also contains all the pre-cut pipes, connectors and the flow generator. PVC glue and silicone caulking are NOT included.

Most tanks will require an access hole to be made in the top so that the long pipe can be installed and the outlet accessed for fitting. This hatch should be sealed, covered or fitted with a lid once your installation is completed. Please contact us for any tips or if you have any questions before you begin your DIY installation.

Tank Vac DIY Kit

  • Installation Service

    Tank Vac installation service is available on the Sunshine Coast QLD region, by appointment. You can make an enquiry by using our contact form.


    Important Note: Slimline tanks are not ideal for DIY installations as they have internal struts or cross bar supports that can impede the full length base pipe installation. 

    Shipping Box

    17cm x 29cm x 140cm


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