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Floating Solar Array
  • Keep your land 100% usable while still gaining the benefit of solar power.


  • Shade your dam or ponds and reduce evaporation.


  • These floating arrays can be walked on and anchored in place with guide wires.


  • UV-stabilized HDPE material.
  • Drinking water compliant; compatible with fresh and natural waters.
  • Resilience to extreme wind conditions: up to 210 km/h (130 mph)
  • Designed and supplied with site-specific anchoring systems: bottom, bank or hybrid
  • Modular system and compatible with most PV equipment.
  • Swift and simple assembly.
  • Reduces evaporation and preserves existing ecosystems.
  • Easy decommissioning, recyclable materials.
  • Enhanced power production due to water’s natural cooling effect on panels & cables.

Floating Solar Array

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