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Take your bore pump off the grid

How to select your solar pump bundle

Submersible Pumps are mainly used in Bores as well as Dams and Ponds.

To select the appropriate pumping solution please click on the image of the coloured graph and find the desired flow rate/hr against the total vertical height that the water has to travel from and too (for example: from the bottom of the bore to the top of the water tank + 25% to account for friction losses). The appropriate coloured square should estimate which pump controller you need, for example the PS2-600 Controller. Then match these requirements against the pumps listed below Max. Head & Flow Rate from their specifications listed in bold.


1 cubic meter/hour of water = 1000 litres/hour.

(You can usually rely on 3-5 Peak Sun Hours per average day)

As a generalisation it could be said that:

Helical Rotor (HR) units are low flow/high head

Centrifugal (C-SJ) units are high flow/low head 

(You should check each pumps actual capabilities for exceptions)


C-SJ (Centrifugal) pumps are rated up to 50ºC.

HR (Helical Rotor) pumps come in temperature ratings from 0ºC to 50ºC.

Most of our submersible pumps are <4" (96mm) in diameter, however some of the larger bore pumps are <6" (147mm) in diameter.

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