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S1-200 DIY Solar Pump Kit

Introducing the LORENTZ S1-200, a powerful and efficient german solar pumping kit designed for self-installation. This kit is your all-in-one solution, delivering up to a maximum of 2,500 liters per day at up to <40m maximum vertical lift.


This plug and play, rugged, high quality 250W (Helical Rotor) transfer pump is perfect for:


  • Topping up a home tank or header tank
  • Medium pressure irrigation
  • Water transfer
  • Stock water troughs, etc


either from a nearby water source or from a bore that is around ~14m deep or less. You can set it up, anywhere the sun shines, to shut off once a tank or trough is full using the optional float switch. You can manually switch it on/off at the control box as required.


The optional well depth safety sensor, is strapped to the pipe just above the pump itself, it shuts off the pump if the water dries up to protect your investment (highly recommended).


Basic Bundle Includes

  • Pump+Motor on 15m cable
  • Controller Unit
  • 2 x100w panels
  • Solar panel mounting kit
  • Instruction booklet
  • Bluetooth S-Connect App

    Please note that the basic kit does not include tank full float switch or water level safety sensor switch, please select your optional extras above.



  • High-efficiency ECDRIVE DC brushless motor
  • High efficiency helical rotor pump
  • System controller box with plugged connections
  • Bluetooth monitoring, config. and control
  • Simple S-Connect app for speed control, timers and extended trouble shooting



Understanding the importance of the correctly calculated "static lift" or "head height" as the vertical height from the water source to the highest pumping point is vital for correct sizing and operation.  Such values as pipe diameter and hose friction must be incorperated into the calculations. The stated performance assumes a 1-inch/25mm pipe diameter and 1 bar sprinkler head pressure. For further assistance in correctly sizing the LORENTZ 'S' self-install pump, please contact us before purchasing and we will go through the calculations for you.


For applications like a bore or dam where water levels fluctuate, we strongly recommend using a water level sensor switch to prevent the pump from running when not submerged, avoiding potential 'dry running' issues that can lead to immediate failure. It's essential to note that 'dry running' is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. If you need those accessories please choose from the drop down menu above, it's cheaper to order those from the start.



S1-200 DIY Solar Pump Kit

  • Technical Specifications


    • Max. <40m Head (When sized correctly)

      Controller Input

    • Max. input voltage (Voc) 55 V DC
    • 16V - 55V DC Solar Input Range
    • Max. PV short circuit current (Isc) <25 A

      Controller Output
    • Max. Continuous Power Output 250W

    • Max. Continuous Current Output 6A


    • IP68

    • Protective Class II


    • System Storage Temp -20 to 65º C

    • Pollution Degree Classification 3

    • Max Altitude 2000m

    • Over Voltage Catagory (in/out) 0C II

    • Controller Ambient Temp. -30 to 50º C

    • Water Temperature Max. 30ºC

    • Protected against reverse polarity, overload and overtemperature

    • 55V PWM 3-Phase @ 170Hz

  • Further Information

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