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DC LED Skylight 40W 600SQ

Light up a dark area of your off grid home with a brilliant LED skylite panel. The 600SQ is perfect as a solar daytime skylight and with no major roof penetrations.


- White Frame

- 85 lumens/watt (3,400 Lumens)

- IP20


- Colour Temperature Switchable (Warm, Cool & Daylight)


(Includes: 40W LED Light Panel, 60 x 60cm White Frame Mount, 1 x 12V DC Driver, 1 x 240V AC Driver)

DC LED Skylight 40W 600SQ

  • Night Time Usage

    - A 12V battery and Solar Panel kit is an optional extra for night time or emergency lighting use.

    - If you already have an Off Grid battery system, the light can tap into that supply. (Please let us know which voltage you have in place).

  • Direct Solar Panel Power

    - A single solar panel can directly run this skylight every day, when the sun comes up the LED lights up and when the sun goes down it shuts off. 

    - No batteries are required for daytime only usage but a battery will allow you to use it at night or during power outages.

    - No major roof penetrations are required to set up this Solar Skylight compared to a more traditional Skylight window, with no chance of leaks or heat coming through in summer, just bright daylight. 

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