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12V or 24V Pressure Pumps

Introducing our 12V & 24V Pressure Pumps, your reliable power saving pumping solution for homes, cabins, caravans, cottages, boats, and tiny homes. Its 20L accumulator tank ensures your batteries aren’t overworked and prevents the pump motor from overheating by allowing it to take regular breaks. With a direct DC connection, you can maximize efficiency and avoid up to 10% loss in power conversion. Say goodbye to battery concerns, and enjoy a quiet water pumping experience even on gloomy days when your batteries might be running low. Optimise your off grid setup with our efficient 12V & 24V Pressure Pumps today.



(Note: some components may differ slightly from those in photograph)

12V or 24V Pressure Pumps

  • Specifications

    • High Quality Components throughout
    • Up to 17L/minute Water Flow
    • 6.5A-11A Current Draw (~100w)
    • 40PSI Pressure Switch
    • 60 PSI Pressure Gauge
    • 20L Accumulation Tank
    • 40cm H x 27cm W x 53cm D
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