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5kW-5.7kWh LTO VIC UPS
  • Compatible with Latronics PV Edge 2500 Grid Inverter
  • 20 Year or 22,000 Cycle Battery Warranty
  • World Leading Victron Components and Features
  • Smart System Performance and Remote Monitoring App
  • WiFi, Ethernet & Bluetooth
  • Remote Installer Monitoring and Email Alerts
  • 5000W 48V Victron Inverter/Charger (9000W Surge)
  • 5,790 Watt Hours of Battery Storage at 48VDC (100% DOD)
  • Automatic Low Battery Voltage Protection
  • Built In Automatic AC Transfer Switch for Power Outages
  • Super Safe Battery Chemistry, Non Flammable, IP65 Ingress Rating
  • 80cm x 80cm x 25cm Weather Proof DC System Enclosure
  • Easily Expandable Modular Battery Bank

5kW-5.7kWh LTO VIC UPS

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