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5kW Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner (With PV)

Hands down this is the cheapest-to-run 5kW Split System Air Conditioner you can buy.


  • Stay Cool or Warm without the huge energy bills. Use it more often without regrets.
  • Pays for itself, in energy savings, within 7-14 months of every day run time.
  • Runs automatically between both Solar DC Power and 240V AC Mains. 
  • 18000 BTU Performance without costing the earth.
  • As the sun goes down it transitions over to the mains power supply.
  • Comes with a 5 Year Australian Warranty when installed by a certified air conditioner installer.
  • Filters particles from the air and can also dehumidify your space.
  • Helps to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions back at the power station.
  • Highly efficient and feature packed 5kW split system inverter air conditioner.
  • Uses ~2kW of solar panels (typically 8 x ~250W panels in series).
  • When running together with the solar panels it uses as little as 70W of 240V AC mains power which is virtually nothing compared to standard air conditioners.

5kW Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner (With PV)

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    5 Year Warranty

    When your Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner is installed by a qualified air conditioner installer your unit will come with a 5 year warranty. Please retain your installers invoice or receipt in your records.

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  • Complete Solar Bundle Includes

    1 x 5kW Split System Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner (2 cartons)

    6-8 x 250-330W CEC Approved Solar Panels

    3 x 4.2m Lengths of solar rail

    2 x Rail Joiners

    8 x End clamps (to suite panels)

    12 x Mid clamps (to suite panels)

    12 x L feet

    12 x Rubber/Silicone L feet pads

    2 x Earthing lugs/strips

    1 x 6m MC4 DC Solar cable (single core, 6mm)

    1 x 20A DC PV Isolator and IP65 Enclosure

    1 x 3m twin core DC 2.5mm electrical cable

    12 x Stainless steel zip ties


    Bundle does not include conduit, saddles, silicone chaulking or dektite.

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