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Cinderella Freedom Toilet (Gas)

An incineration toilet is a water-free toilet where bio waste products are burned at high temperatures to a minimum amount of ash, resulting in a teacup for four people after one week’s use. The waste is safely incinerated in a closed incineration chamber, and the pollution-free gases from the incineration process are discharged through a separate exhaust pipe.


Incinerating toilets are a total waste solution, which means they get rid of all the waste. There are no additional processes or messy emptying routines, such as other toilet systems require. The solution is odorless and hygienic. The bacteria-free ash is completely free of all pathogens and can be emptied in the household waste or onto your garden.


Incineration toilets are a popular toilet alternative since they don’t require water or expensive sewage hook-ups. With an incineration toilet it’s possible to achieve almost the same toilet comfort as home, without the considerable costs associated with sewage systems.


Cinderella Incineration Toilets are the market leader in Europe and have been produced since 1999. All toilets are manufactured in Norway to the highest quality and reliability standards. Cinderella toilets are certified and approved according to current regulatory demands in each country we operate, which is a security for all our customers.

Cinderella Freedom Toilet (Gas)

Colour: White
  • Extra details:

    • Made in Norway
    • Local Australian Support
    • Water Connection not required
    • Seat 540mm High, 390mm Wide x 590mm Deep
    • A urinal is recommended for those No.1 only visits 
    • Paper Bowl Inserts are required for every single "visit"
    • 3 Year Warranty
  • Reminder:

    • These paper liners MUST be used EVERY time the toilet is used or it will void your warranty and cause damage to the Cinderella toilet. It is vitally important to train anyone who uses the toilet, BEFORE they use it.
    • It is good practice to place a fresh paper bowl liner into the toilet once you are finished "flushing" so that the next person can use the toilet without delay or incedent.
    • The ash bowl should typically be emptied and cleaned every week or so and the Cinderella should have a simple service clean twice a year, please consult your user manual. 
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