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Home Biogas 2
  • Generate up to 2 hours of free cooking gas daily
  • Create rich Bio Fertilizer for healthy garden growth
  • Reduce your methane footprint


Home Biogas 2 is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for your household gas needs, allowing you to generate your own biogas from food waste. This system will help reduce your carbon footprint while saving you money on your gas bill. With Home Biogas 2, you can trap and burn methane gas that would normally escape into the atmosphere, create organic fertilizer from your food waste, and could even heat water or run a small generator to recharge your batteries. Stop buying fossil fuel LPG gas and replace it with free home made biogas.

Home Biogas 2

  • Specifications

    • System dimensions
      • 210x115x130cm
    • Gas Tank volume
      • 700 liters
    • Digester Tank volume
      • 1200 liters
    • Max. daily kitchen waste
      • Up to 6 liters
    • Max. daily animal manure
      • 45 liters of slurry: (15 liters + 30 liters water)
    • Cooking time (single burner)
      • Up to 2 hours/day
    • Warranty
      •  2 Years
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