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LED Solar Skylight 120cm x 30cm

Light up dark areas with a brilliant Direct-Solar LED skylight with zero running costs. The SLW4-300-1200 is perfect as a daytime solar skylight and with no major roof penetrations required, compared to a traditional skylight installation.




  • The included solar panel directly runs the skylight every day. When the sun comes up, the LED lights up, and when the sun goes down it shuts off. The bright daylight-strength light works wonders against the darkness.
  • No major roof penetrations are required for a Solar powered Skylight compared to a more traditional glass or polycarbonate Skylight window installation. A single cable runs from the solar panel down to the rear of the LED Skylight, quick, dry and simple.
  • No heat coming through in summer, just bright light (3,900 lumens). 

LED Solar Skylight 120cm x 30cm

  • Optional Extras

    • A 240V to 24v night time power supply is an optional extra if you want to run the same LED Skylight at night when the sun isn't shining on the solar panel.
    • For mounting the panel LED without cutting a hole in your ceiling you can order an aluminium surface mounting frame that is screwed or suspended to the ceiling. The panel LED slides into one end and then you screw on the last side of the mounting frame to lock it in. Making sure the frame is "square" is actually important when installing.
  • Includes

    120cm x 30cm LED Light Panel (White Edge)

    Solar Panel Driver and Cable

    Stainless Steel Panel Tilt Mounting Frame

    60W Solar Panel

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