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Multiplus II GX 3kW 48V/35A
  • 3000W Inverter (5500W Peak)
  • 48V Battery Voltage
  • 3360W Onboard Battery Charger
  • Venus GX System Controller Built In
  • Remote App Monitoring
  • Ethernet and WiFi Connectivity
  • CanBus BMS Connectivity
  • 32 Charactor LCD Display Screen
  • 38-66V DC Input Range
  • 32A (20 millisecond) Transfer Switch
  • 32A Max AC 230V Pass Through 
  • 32A Auxilary Output
  • Battery Temperature Sensing
  • Victron VE.Bus Comms Port
  • Victron VE.Direct Comms Port
  • Programmable Relay (NO & NC)
  • Remote ON/OFF Control Capabilities
  • 21kg


Multiplus II GX 3kW 48V/35A

$2,450.00 Regular Price
$2,306.00Sale Price
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