PLW Direct Solar PV Hot Water Unit

The PLW is an MPPT controller for (Off Grid) Direct Solar PV Hot Water production, it uses electric PV solar panels, instead of solar thermal or 240V AC power as its input energy. Direct Solar PV Hot Water solves many difficult installation problems and when sized correctly, it performs better than thermal solar hot water.


- Take your electric hot water system completely off the grid

- Quick return on investment

- 5 Year Warranty

- Australian Made with Australian Support

- No frost protection or pumps to fail

- No roof reinforcements required

- No batteries required

- No moving parts

- Ultimately cheaper and easier than installing a rooftop solar hot water system.

- Flexible. Place tank near point of use and solar panels where convenient.

- Works with 60 cell or 72 cell solar panels. 

PLW Direct Solar PV Hot Water Unit

  • Specifications:

    Kit includes the PLW Controller, a Solar Isolator Switch, a Low Voltage DC element and 2 Temperature Sensors. (Panels not included, call us.)


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