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Rota Loo 2000 Package

The Maxi2000 Rota-Loo is the largest size and often installed in remote park and tourist areas or commercial facilities were many people (bus-loads!) will use the toilet.

It is designed for 2 pedestals (male & female) and normally installed with additional evaporating equipment to cope with high liquid loads expected. Regular park ranger maintenence recommended, to rotate the turntable.




  • Waste Chute
  • Extraction Fan (12V or 240V)
  • 6 Humanure Waste Bins
  • Main Turntable, Removable Door and Chamber
  • Misc. PVC Ventilation inlet and outlet adaptors

Rota-Loos fan forced ventilation system provides a slight negative pressure at the pedestal to ensure any odours (which are minimal if its all working correctly) are drawn away from users.


​Rota-Loo is a Certified Product meeting all requirements of AS/NZS1546.2:2008 - Waterless Composting Toilets.  This gives the owner/occupier assurance that Rota-Loo is designed to operate effectively and safely and is manufactured to the highest possible standards.

Rota Loo 2000 Package

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