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Solar Pump PS2-1800 + PV Controller

Wipe out your pool pump energy bills for good.

  • Zero energy costs to run means a rapid return on investment.
  • When ever the sun shines on the 4 solar panels your pool pump runs, without the need for batteries. 
  • This brushless DC pool pump is far quieter with a longer life expectancy than AC pumps.
  • You can easily replace your noisy AC pump or keep it turned off and available inline.
  • The Solar Pump Controller sits between the panels and the pump; it efficiently maximizes the solar power to run the pump motor. The Solar Pump Controller unit can log data and can also charge a 48V battery bank, if required, but batteries are not needed at all for day time pumping.
  • Lorentz, high quality, german pumps are an internationally recognised brand backed by local Australia-wide agents and technicians, giving you peace of mind.
  • High quality non corrodible materials used throughout

Solar Pump PS2-1800 + PV Controller

  • Bundle Includes

    • Single-Stage Centrifugal Pump
    • EC Drive 1800 CS-37 (DC Brushless Motor)
    • Pool Pump Controller + Data Module
  • Further Information

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