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Solar Whiz Industrial

Power your Industrial Ventilation with free Sunshine


Are you tired of sweltering warehouses and stifling workspaces? Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to Solar Whiz, the most cost effective, efficient, solar-powered ventilation.


Efficient Ventilation, Endless Benefits


  • Solar-Powered Performance: Harness the sun's energy to keep your industrial space cool and comfortable, without relying on costly energy sources.
  • Built Tough for Australian Conditions: Designed and manufactured in Australia, Solar Whiz units are built to withstand hail, heavy rain, and extreme temperatures.
  • High Air Flow Capacity: With models capable of ventilating up to 10,000 m³/h, Solar Whiz ensures effective ventilation for even the largest industrial spaces.

Tailored Solutions for Every Need


  • Warehouse Ventilation: Protect your inventory from heat-related damage with comprehensive ventilation solutions that won't break the bank.
  • Fume Extraction: Keep workers safe and healthy by efficiently removing dust, fumes, and odors from the air.
  • Moisture Control: Say goodbye to mold and algae with effective ventilation solutions for moisture-prone environments.


Versatile Applications, Superior Performance


  • Large Volume Heat Extraction: Keep your workspace cool and comfortable, even in the hottest climates.
  • Workspace Fume Extraction: Safeguard worker health by removing harmful pollutants from the air.
  • Active Air Flow Cooling: Promote airflow and circulation to maintain optimal working conditions.
  • Humidity Build-Up Evacuation: Prevent moisture-related issues by effectively ventilating damp environments.


Don't let heat and poor air quality slow you down. Invest in Solar Whiz and experience solar-powered ventilation for yourself.


Stay cool, stay productive, with Solar Whiz

Solar Whiz Industrial

  • Model Details


    7,000 Cubic Meters/Hour

    10-24 Volt DC Brushless motor with double shielded ball bearings




    10,000 Cubic Meters/Hour

    10-24 Volt DC Brushless motor with double shielded ball bearings


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